Yanze Dai

Web Developer & Software Engineer
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My Brief Story

I was born in 1989 in China and currently living in Tokyo. I've been crazily passionate with things about computer since I was little. During college even though my major is "Business and Commerce", there is not a single day for me to lose any passion toward computer. By that time, almost all of my friends would come to me for help when they have troubles with their laptops or even electronic devices. However, I believe I am not the best repairer but the most confident solution provider.

In autumn 2015, I joined my present firm Intersoft as a developer. My colleagues are nice and outgoing and know how to love and treat their job as part of their life. My boss knows how to use his sense of humor to melt down our nervous tension during hard-time. Working with them, an invisible energy helps direct me to improve myself on all aspects for becoming a professional.

In year of 2016, my boss sent me to one of our clients Everysense which had me a lot a opportunities on different projects. It is a venture company with a team of 10 dilligent "bees". Working in this kind of place makes me do things from top to bottom but also made me quite adaptive to multi-tasking occasions.

I am deeply in love with things that enriches my life. In return, I hope my persuit would enrich everyone else's life as well.

Live Hard! Work Hard!

My Hobbies

I love throwing parties.
I love watching basketball games.
I love taking photos.
I love hiking and traveling.
I love trying out new things.
I love brewing coffee.
I love creating web applications.
I love working out in a gym.
I love cooking delicious food.
I love more ...

My Technical Skills

Python3 PHP JavaScript HTML
CSS CakePHP Django Ruby on Rails
MongoDB MySQL Apache Linux

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