Hello, this is Tide. Born in 1989 in Northern-east of China and currently living and working in Tokyo.

On a normal weekend in 2015, I decided to take an online SQL and Java course by myself. By that time I thought: Wow! This is software? I can do it! Then after a series of self-learing on the Internet, I was totally convinced by what I've gone through the whole weekend. So I made up my mind and took a leap to change my

My first 2 companies Intersoft and JXPress offered me a lot of opportunities to develop applications using various of programming languagues. I'm still very thankful to the opportunities that'd been granted an ameteur like me.

In 2018, I set my sail to Rakuten and became a lead engineer of the frontend team. With more challenging tasks came right in to my daily routine, I truly feeled getting my life improved by hardening my skills. I've started taking more online courses to absorb more knowledge that could finally help forge me into a solid engineer as I was not major in CS.

Now I am deeply in love with things that enrich my life. In return, I hope my persuit would enrich everyone else's life as well. As my career experience will always teach me to: Live Hard! Work Hard!

Tech Skillsets

Most of my work experience is highly frontend focused. But there are yet a lot backend tasks through out my career. Thus, I usually consider myself as a full-stack developer.

Mastered JS / TS HTML
Adequate C Node.js CSS SQL Shell
Comfortable Python PHP Java